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canada news

Réadaptation par le jeu vidéo
La thérapie à l’aide de jeux vidéos C’est l’idée d’un centre de réadaptation du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Venezuela: Brasil y Canadá acatan decisiones de la ANC
El pasado 23 de diciembre el embajador de Brasil, Rui Carlos Pereira, y el encargado de Negocios de Canadá, Craig Kowalik, fueron declarados personas Non Gra

ACROSS THE BORDER: Canadian Netflix ScamMORDEN, MANITOBA ( Canada has issued a warming about a Netflix scam.

5 Negative Consequences of Sleeping Badly - Canada 365Not getting proper sleep can affect your health and even your interactions with others. This is because you’re more irritable. It also becomes more difficult

5 Exercises That are Recommended for Preventing Tendinitis - Canada 365Even if you don't have signs of tendonitis, we recommend that you do some daily localized exercises to strengthen different areas. This way you can prevent p

2017 - Renforcement du pouvoir des femmes et des filles

How to Prevent and Treat Poor Leg Circulation - Canada 365Varicose veins, fatigue and poor leg circulation are more common problems in women over 40 years old. * Subcribe here : All Playlist:

NAKED NEWS HANNA ORIOBio: 26 year old Hanna was a successful model in her home country of Ukraine. She auditioned with us when she moved to Canada, and her combination of sweet p

7 Ways to Fight Abdominal Fat in 60 Days - Canada 365If you combine an exercise routine with a balanced diet, you’ll trim fat from your waistline as well as take care of your general health. Learn more in this

CTF presently surprised by Québec tax cuts
CTF Québec Director Carl Valée called the Québec government's decision to cut taxes in 2018 a step in the right direction. However, the province still has a


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Man robbed and stabbed in Halifax Police are seeking the public’s help locating suspects involved in a robbery and assault that occurred in Halifax early...

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